Friday, March 21, 2008

Moffles : News (Photo Credits)Oh those Japanese, where do they get the gall to combine the things they do? This time its mochi (rice cakes) + waffle machine = an albino waffle otherwise known as a moffle.

They apparently have specialized moffle machines, although how this is different than a regular waffle machine (besides making the circular indents instead of square ones) is beyond me.

In the previous link and in this video, you can also see that they sometimes add ingredients directly to the mochi while it is being pressed. Apparently, since the mochi is made of rice, the moffles pair better with Asian foods.

As my gf really likes waffles and she has a waffle maker, we really want to make these things. Does anyone know where to get these Mochi Rice Cakes in the Philadelphia, NY or Hartford areas?

(image from "Curiosities of Japan"

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