Friday, March 07, 2008

Miel Patisserie Cookies : Philadelphia

Chocolate Chip Cookie
This is an interesting one. From the top, it looks like any 'ol cookie.

But when you actually look at the cookie some more, you notice the side is a little peculiar, as if it been made in some scone or squashed muffin pan.

Expectedly, tastewise, it's also a bit different than most cookies. The cookie itself has a cake-like consistency, which really reminds me of those gigantic cookie/cakes that were(/are?) sold in malls. However, the taste is overwhelmed by that of the many walnuts and chocolate chips to the extent that I felt like I was just eating a consolidated ball of walnuts and chocolate. I happen to like that combination, especially if the chocolate is decent quality, but this hardly makes for a cookie.

So I'd only recommend this if you happen to have a strong nut and chocolate craving: 7.5/10

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Like the chocolate chip cookie, this has an intriguing shape like it had been baked in some sort of specialty cookie/scone/muffin pan.

What is most surprising about the cookie is that despite appearances, it is very soft and cakey through and through. Even the outside, which appears like it should have the crunch of the outside of a muffin top, is quite soft. In actuality, I can't say that I would describe this as a cookie - it really tastes like something new, a cross between a pastry, a scone, and a cookie.

And viewing it as a pastry, it's not bad. In terms of sweetness, most of the sweetness actually comes from the natural taste of the raisins. While the soft texture is very surprising, it's almost too soft and I wish there had been some nuts to give it a more varied texture. Contributing to this problem was that there were too many raisins. I would bite through the soft cookie only to bite into the soft raisins.

And thinking about this pastricookie mutant some more, I'm a little confused as to who would regularly buy this. Miel Patisserie sells one of the most recommended chocolate cakes on the Pennsylvania Chowhound boards as well as other delicious-looking pastries and tarts. Why would you buy this pastricookie? The only reason I could think of would be as some sort of tea biscuit accompaniment.

In any case, if you're looking to try something new, try this out: 8.0/10

Miel Patisserie

Center City
204 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 731-9191‎

Cherry Hill
1990 State Hwy 70 E # 14, Cherry Hill, NJ
(856) 424-6435
($cookies, $Philadelphia, $Dessert)

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