Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kamal's Middle Eastern Specialties : Philadelphia

Yum yum yum, this hit the spot. Start off with a large chunk of succulent, juicy roast chicken, very lightly salted and pair it with 3 distinct, yet complementary sides:
1) A salad, with spices, hummus, and a bit of vinegrette.
2) Basmatti rice that reminded me of couscous.
3) Chick peas in some creamy sauce.

This is from Kamal's Middle Eastern Specialties in the Reading Terminal Market and it's not complicated food. Similar to your favorite foodtruck, the spices seem simple and safe for your slightly adventurous, non-foodie friend. But that shouldn't detract from it - if RTM was closer to me, I'd be hitting this up on a semi-regular basis for my Middle Eastern cravings.

Kamal's Middle Eastern Specialties
Reading Terminal Market
12th and Arch St. Philadelphia, PA
(215) 925-1511

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  1. Oh my goodness, this looks delicious! Mmm this is why med. food is on the top of my list.