Saturday, March 15, 2008

Humacao : Hartford

My gf heard about this place after reading the Hartford Courant review. They serve Puerto Rican food in a cozy place that looks like a converted sandwich deli shop and we really liked it.

Like another of our favorites, Furia Chalaca, it seems like other local foodies haven't quite picked up on this. Everyone here, but us, were speaking Spanish. That being said, the waitress spoke English fluently and was fairly friendly.

We started off with a couple of sodas: Goya Pineapple

And Tropi-Cola, which tasted like a decent creme soda. Like how Inca Cola pairs well with Peruvian food, both of these sodas pair very well with the food we ordered.

As for our food, we definitely over-ordered. We ordered: 1) Roast pork, 2) Beef stew and 3) alcapurrias de yuca (fritters made of mashed root vegetable or corn dough filled with ground beef and fried). They're shown in the above order from left to row, middle row. They also came with beans and rice, shown in the top and bottom rows.

The roast pork, as recommended in the Courant, was outstanding. Juicy, succulent, and something to order again. It comes with a slice of fatty roasted pork skin, which my gf loved (I'm not such a fan of fatty stuff.)
The yellow rice and beans were a pleasant surprise. The rice was moist and flavorable and seemed to have been cooked with a piece of chicken and olives, which were also included. The accompanying bowl of beans lacked the gritty, heaviness of beans at other places.
The alcapurrias de yuca were pretty good. They tasted as if they had been sitting around for some time, but they still were not bad. Surprisingly chewy on the inside and with some ground meat in the middle, they had a pleasant combination of flavors and textures.

The only thing we wouldn't recommend getting was the beef stew. Not that it was bad, but it just tasted like any culture's (Chinese, American) beef stew with potatoes. Otherwise, this was an excellent meal and we'll be back soon.

245 Silver LnEast Hartford, CT 06118 (map)
(860) 568-9500
($Hartford, $Recommended, $South / Latin American)

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