Monday, March 24, 2008

Homemade ramen : Cooking

Woohoo, nothing like a large, piping hot bowl of ramen!! To the uninitiated, there is a wide variety of preparations of and ingredients added to bowls of ramen. Here's one of my Dad's ways, which I've since made part of my quick-meals repoitoir:

* Chinese roast duck (siu ngop)
* Chinese roast pork (cha siu)
* Veggies (like carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions)
* 1 Egg
* Ramen packet
* Chicken broth (I prefer home-made, but those cans are fine)
* Scallions

Boil some water/chicken broth in a pot. I tend to wing the measurements, but my Dad usually did one can of chicken broth and one can of water per person. While that's getting started, do your necessary preparations. Cut up the veggies and separate the longer to cook stalks from the shorter to cook leaves. Also slice up the scallions. Open your ramen packets and take out the packets, before you absentmindedly toss them into the boiling water.

When your water has started to boil, if you've frozen your roast duck or roast pork, toss those babies in, they'll help enhance the meatiness of the broth. If not, toss in the meats, veggies or ramen noodles based on how long they need to cook. Usually, it's 1) Broccoli/veggie stalks & carrots, 2) noodles and meat and 3) veggie leaves.

While those are cooking, start to warm up your frying pan for that tasty fried egg on top. Obviously, you should try to time it so that when your noodles are done, you can slap that golden yellow sunny side up egg on top.

When the ramen is done, scoop noodles, veggies and meat out into the bowl. Spoon some broth out into the bowl and add flavoring packets to taste. Place fried egg on top. Finally, fry up the scallion pieces for less than a minute and sprinkle on your piping hot bowl of ramen, which is now ready to be eaten. Woohoo!

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