Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Asian Grocery Stores in Philadelphia

This list will hopefully by useful for the new Philadelphian looking for Asian groceries.
(FYI, I am no longer in the Philly area; however, feel free to comment if you know of others and I'll do my best to update the list.)

Chinatown (Map)

Wan Sheng Supermarket‎
917-921 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 925-0198
- This place is spanking new and is a one-stop asian supermarket, providing much needed competition for Asia Supermarket.
- Everything seems fairly fresh: the meats, seafood, vegetables, etc. It's new, so we'll see if this continues or not.
- It has a rather unusual layout with two floors, but there is an elevator to take your cart up and down.
- Oh yeah, there's also a small parking lot in the back on Cherry St.

Asia Supermarket‎
143 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 928-9888‎
- One of the largest supermarket in Chinatown. It's basement level and stocks most of your standard needs for Chinese cooking: canned goods, dried soup ingredients, rice, frozen goods, snacks, vegetables, meats and seafood.
- Their produce is only okay - I'd recommend some of the smaller produce oriented shops instead.
- You can get fresher seafood at the Great Wall Seafood & Grocery
- I might be paranoid, but I can't say that I trust their meat: something about the old meat fridges and dim lights...

Chung May
1017 Race St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 625-8883‎
- Relatively clean, organized medium-small market with: canned goods, frozen goods, snacks and small amount of produce.
- You can get fresher produce at the smaller produce stores.
- It is cleaner, more friendly and brighter than Asia Supermarket, but in terms of selection, there's no clear reason to go here.

Great Wall Seafood & Grocery‎
102 N 10th St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 928-1388
- From what I've seen, the freshest seafood around Chinatown. There's not much space though and it can get a bit crowded in that Asian pushy way, so be prepared.

King Market
140 N 10th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 928-8989
- If I remember correctly, this is a small produce shop with pretty good produce.

1079 Race St , Philadelphia, PA 19107
- I forget the name of this place, but it's a small produce shop with fairly fresh produce.

Jung Produce & Grocery
1002 Race St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 238-1633
- Small produce focused shop.

Cheng Kai Haung Grocery
927 Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 733-0886
- Two aisle grocery store
- Decent vegetables, some canned goods, frozen goods.

Reading Terminal Market
12th St and Arch St Philadelphia, PA 19107
- Not Asian per se, but you can find a wide selection of fresh meat, seafood and produce. I'm not quite sure of what days/times the various stands come into town however.

University City
UPenn International Program list (I'm not sure how up to date this is.)

Northern Liberties/Fishtown Map
Spring Garden Supermarket
400 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 928-1288‎
- Haven't been here yet, but judging from comments on Phillyblog thread and Yelp, it sounds like it's new (as of Jan 2008), large, clean and a decent place to pick up vegetables, fish and meats. Also sounds like it's geared more towards Chinese food.

Mt Airy

Joa Mart
361 West Hortter Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119-3107 (Map)
(215) 438-2820
- I've never been, but here are comments from Turquois and Anon below:
- Turquios Comment: A lot of Japanese pre-packaged food, seasonings, and a deli that makes good sushi. I go there when I don't feel like dealing the traffic downtown.
- Anon Comment: Joa Mart in Mt Airy Philadelphia is owned by Koreans, but yes, they do offer lots of Japanese goodies. They also sell homemade kimchi, spicy pork, bulgogi, and occasionally japchae.

Washington Ave (map)

Hung Vuong Super Market‎
1120 S 12th St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 336-1386
- (See Katie's comment in the Comments section)

Italian Market
9th and Washington Ave Philadelphia PA
- Not specifically Asian, but you can get your fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and seafood at the shops and stands here.

7052 Terminal Sq Upper Darby, PA 19082 (Map)
(610) 734-1001
- Large, clean Korean grocery store chain with a pretty nice selection. This is probably the cleanest Asian grocery store I've seen in the US.
- They also have an eatery and a few Asian stores upstairs.
- If I lived closer, I'd probably frequent this as my primary grocery store.
- There's also a couple of H-Mart locations outside of Philadelphia in Levittown and Cherry Hill, NJ

36 N. Narberth Avenue Narberth, PA 19072 (Map)
Phone: (610)747-0557
- I haven't been, but according to Japan American Society of Greater Philadelphia, this is the only solely Japanese Supermarket in the Philadelphia area.
- Apparently they have shuttles from Center City
- See Katie's comment in comments

Elkins Park
7320 Old York Road Elkins Park, PA 19027-3007 (Map)
(215) 782-1801
- Another location of the Korean grocery store chain.  Haven't been, add a comment if you have.

1925 West Cheltenham Avenue Elkins Park, PA 19027-1058 (Map)
(215) 572-0330
- Korean grocer.  Haven't been, add a comment if you have.


  1. This is just what I was looking for, thanks!

  2. No prob. (Nice looking blog you got there John)

  3. Hi - I was looking for a listing of Asian Markets in Philly. I usually go to Chung May ( 10th & Race) which I think you listed as another name and the huge supermarket on Washington Avenue- which I find fascinating but I think it is not the cleanest place. I live in Narberth and go to Maido often. I just wanted to add Maido has a lunch counter where they have a small menu of good Japanese lunch items and they also have lots of Japanese products, Hello Kitty items and toys etc. They keep adding more food items every time I'm there. I still have to make the trek the other markets to get things like Chinese Sausage and 8 treasures tea. Thanx again for the list of markets. I will try the new place ( now several months later) on Arch street.


  4. Thanks Katie for your comment. I think you're right on the name of Chung May - I'll correct it.

  5. Hi John,

    Hope you will go to Narberth and check out Maido. I was just there this past weekend. I will be reading the rest of your blog and probably posting comments.


  6. Hi Comradechu oops I wrote the name John before- my mistake),

    Hope you will go to Narberth and check out Maido. I was just there this past weekend. I will be reading the rest of your blog and probably posting comments.


  7. where can I get bettlenut in philadelphia

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  9. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to get fresh tofu? I'm new in town! I already went to check out Maido. They don't have much in the way of produce, but a great selection of other Japanese foods. They do sell gobo, which I'll definitely want!

    and thanks for the list. it's very helpful for a new (half) asian in town!

  10. Hmm, fresh tofu. I haven't seen looked for it myself, but this Thread mentions that Iovine brothers in Reading Terminal Market sells fresh tofu and also some street vendors in Chinatown.

    Another route, also referenced in the same thread would be to ask at the shops which sell the Chinese tofu drinks and which sometimes make tofu themselves.

  11. i want to find green tea powder! any advice?

  12. does anyone have a good place for young coconuts?

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  14. In Mt. Airy , there's a small family-owned Japanese store called Joa Mart. A lot of Japanese pre-packaged food, seasonings, and a deli that makes good sushi. I go there when I don't feel like dealing the traffic downtown.

  15. Hi: We just adopted a baby from So. Korea. We live in Philadelphia, Pa. We need more of the formula the baby came over with--called Premium--in a slender package with a cupid with arrow on one side with the name Maeil on it. Please E-Mail me at

  16. Hi! I'm from just outside the Philly area but am planning to venture in soon in search of some light miso to make homemade miso soup. I know that's something I might find more in Korean markets, but I'm really not sure where to find those, either. If anyone's sitting on a stockpile of miso, please let me know where you are!

    - Mira

  17. @charlenediller, I can't say specifically, but I would think your best bet would be the Korean H-Marts. Just do a search for "H-Mart" on Google Maps. When I was in Philly, there were two that I knew about in the area.

    @Anonymous, I never got a chance to go, but Maido, the Japanese grocery store, is probably a for-sure for miso. However, I'd imagine, some of the larger grocery stores, like H-Mart or the larger Chinatown ones probably would have it too.

  18. @Anonymous - Hung Vuong on Washington Ave actually has a decent selection of miso. They are primarily Vietnamese but also stock a decent selection of Japanese, Chinese and even Malaysian/Thai/other SE Asian products. That said, I am still looking for good kimchi! Is there any closer in to Center City than the H-Mart? (Hung Vuong had one variety but it was no good). Do any of the Chinese grocers carry it?

  19. I went to Hung Vuong Friday. It's not pristine but it's sanitary and the prices are great.
    I also shop at H-Mart (69th Street) - great prices on produce and fish...and they always have kimchi.
    Maido is also nice, I use it primarily for the lunch counter.
    International Spice has mostly Indo-Pak but has diversified into Asian, African, and Carribean foodstuffs.

  20. I am looking for fresh pandan leaf, also called Rampay in Tamil. The frozen stuff I have been buying has no taste. I guess I will call some of these places. Ultimately I would like to grow it, if anyone has any to propagate. Thanks!

  21. THANK YOU so much for posting this. I'm moving the the area in a few months and I don't think I can live without an Asian grocery store in the area.

  22. Hi, just wanted to add that Joa Mart in Mt Airy Philadelphia is owned by Koreans, but yes, they do offer lots of Japanese goodies. They also sell homemade kimchi, spicy pork, bulgogi, and occasionally japchae.

    There is another Hmart on Old York Road in Cheltanham/Elkins Park area, and another Korean grocer called Kobawoo on Cheltanham Ave just past the Target.


  23. Just as an fyi to anyone stopping into this post, I (sadly) no longer live in Philly, so some of this info may be out of date.

    Please add a comment if you have any updates and I'll do my best to update the post as best as I can.

  24. Any of these places good to buy sushi-grade fish?

  25. Thanks for the Information, I drive past the H-Mart in Elkins Park and never knew it's an Asian Market. Excellent!

  26. HMart is in Elkins Park, not Elton Park

  27. The list above is a pretty good start for the larger markets, especially Chinese and Korean, in Philadelphia. I've been spending a lot of time finding smaller markets in neighborhoods all around town, though mostly North Philly and South Philly, and I'm keeping track of these on a map too. I've been finding scores of Southeast Asian markets that I hope you or your readers might check out! Many of those smaller markets have truly unique items to offer. My blog with map is linked to my name above.

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