Wednesday, February 20, 2008

K.C. Pastries Egg Tarts

Oh boy, Egg tarts!

I grabbed a few pastries from KC Pastries in Chinatown, two of which are the egg tart and the creme fraiche tart (Sorry I'm not sure if this is actually what it's called.) I originally was more excited to try the white creme fraiche tart, but KC Pastries' normal egg tart ambushed me with a beguilingly innocent sneak attack.

The first word that popped into my mind after tasting this was "sunny!" Yes, that's with an exclamation point. Being cynical, I waited for the taste to linger too long and get into the cloyingly sweet zone, but the taste lasted just the right amount of time. There's a refreshing lemony taste to the custard, which is really quite nice and complements the dry, crumbly tart very well. I think that both the custard and the tart itself could be even lighter, which prevents it from being outstanding, but still I kept on putting the tart down, thinking that it shouldn't be this good. Damn, that was a solid egg tart and I could go for another.

The white tart didn't fair so well, which was quite confounding. For some reason, the custard just wasn't moist enough and it was just mouthfuls of overly dry, chalky tart over and over and over. How could this tart be so wrong and yet, the other be so right? Had I gotten the luck of the draw, picking up a fresh egg tart and stale creme fraiche tart? Or perhaps the white tart is an experimentation? I'll have to repeat the taste experiment another time.

KC Pastries
145 N 11th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 351-1177

($Bakery, $Chinese, $Dessert, $Philadelphia)

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