Monday, February 18, 2008

Aya's Cafe

2129 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA
(215) 567-1555‎ (map)

I grabbed take-out from a local Mediterranean place nearby, called Aya's Cafe. From the outside, this place looks like a tiny hole-in-the-wall, but inside 1) it's a lot longer than it appears from the outside and 2) it has quite the semi-yuppy nice decor going on that I imagine one might go for a cozy date or a dinner with friends.

On the recommendation of the lady on the phone, I tried out the Mushakkil, a "a mix of chicken and lamb kabob, juicy lamb chops and spicy kofta all marinated in exotic spices, served with rice and tahina sauce." I usually don't spring for kabobs, since my experience with them have been burnt, dry, unflavored pieces of meat. But I rather enjoyed this meal. The meat (and rice for that matter) was a bit on the dry side, but together with the white sauce, there was a nice combination of spices that I find myself craving today.

I'll definitely go back to this cafe with friends to try out more dishes later on.

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