Sunday, January 13, 2008

Koi Kei Bakery

Koi Kei is another bakery that is well known in Hong Kong (Koi Kei is Macau-based) that makes egg rolls, cookies and other snacks/candies. Unlike the Kee-wah bakery (Website), it doesn't yet have locations in the U.S. However, some of its snacks can be found in Asian supermarkets (so far, I've only seen them in the LA area, but I haven't really been looking.)

I just bought a can of their almond cookies while I was in LA and they're quite delicious.

($Bakery, $Chinese, $cookies $Hong Kong, $snacks)

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  1. Hi Comradechu!
    You gotta try the one with Whole Almond, yummy!! ^^

    Miss Zane