Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Harbor Restaurant

1015 Nogales St
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-2020 (Map)

Consistently good dimsum. This was my second time here. The first time, it was eye-opening to know that dim-sum could be that good. My one complaint is that all of the dishes have a similar roundness of taste that make one dish run into another, which is an issue that I find with every dimsum place I've been to, but was especially noticable here, since the dishes are at the next level of taste and you'd expect there to be more diversity in taste.

But besides this, this was a nice dimsum experience. As another note, Happy Harbor is my parent's favorite dimsum place in Los Angeles, which is a strong statement, since my parents are from Hong Kong and consider the Chinese food in Los Angeles to be on par with that in Hong Kong.

Feng Jiao - (Chicken feet) - Nice, tasty, but very light.

Luo Mai Gai - (Sticky rice) - Pretty darn tasty.

Cherng Fun - (beef wrapped in rice noodle)

Seafood ball jeuk - (rice porridge) - Seafood balls nicely done, porridge a little slightly too thin for my tastes.

Fish balls - Also pretty darn tasty

Yeah jup gou - (Coconut jello with taro) - Very tasty, heart-shaped and unique.

Papaya jello - Very good, sweet papaya with jello (that almost tasted like mango)

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