Saturday, December 15, 2007

Caribou Cafe

Caribou Cafe
1126 Walnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19107 (Map)

I'm slightly mixed on my feelings on Caribou Cafe, although more on the positive than on the negative side.

The food at Caribou isn't stylish and doesn't have that very clean/minimalist taste that is so frequently found at more popular restaurants, which is very refreshing. And I was delighted that they firmly commited to the portions and the lightness of food you'd eat in France. (Of the few French restaurants I've tried in the US, this seems to be where they screw up). Finally, I liked the decor; it was fairly quaint and warm, without being too small.

I think my main disappointment was that for the cost, I was slightly underwhelmed by our dishes. What we ordered:

Simple, pretty decent

Joues de Porc
This was a nice dish. The pork cheeks were tender, sauce was good and the mashed potato was unfathomably light.

Canard Aux Pommes
The duck was less tender than I'd expect, Potato Gratin & lingoberry sauce were good, but not great.

For dessert, we ordered a chocolate, pecan torte, which was only okay.

At the end of the meal, I was satisfied with the level of fullness, but was a little disappointed that none of the tastes of the dishes were that memorable. I think I'd go a few more times to Caribou Cafe, just because it's been so hard to find a place that's authentic to the spirit of (non high-class) French food and hope that perhaps it was just an off night.

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