Monday, April 30, 2007

Olive Garden

Back when I was in high school, my Mom and I used to enjoy eating at the Olive Garden. We never considered it to be an outstanding restaurant, but going there was a tasty and pleasant dining option, especially given the distinct lack of decent restaurants near my hometown.

We recently dined there and came to the conclusion that we would never go there again. The food and experience failed to meet even our relatively low standards for chain-restaurants.

Calamari : Overcooked and over-battered
Breadsticks : Buttery and salty
Stuffed mushrooms : Somewhat tasty, but way too buttery
Minestrone soup : Intolerably salty
Chicken Parm : Your standard chicken parm
Braised short ribs w/ risotto : Ribs were okay, but risotto was again unbearably salty.

Add to that that we had to wait 25 min before the meal... In our minds, the Olive Garden just got recategorized in the same group as the other terrible American restaurant food chains like 99 restaurant and TGIF's.

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