Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Red Velvet Cake in NYC

From a NYTimes article on Red Velvet cake (NYtimes article)
Reporters and editors from the Dining section held a blind tasting of red velvet cakes from 19 bakeries and takeout shops. All liked the cakes from these two places:
DAISY MAY'S BBQ USA 623 11th Avenue (46th Street), (212) 977-1500. Simple, moist, dark red cupcakes with a hint of chocolate and icing that was not too sweet; $4 each.

MAKE MY CAKE 121A St. Nicholas Avenue (116th Street), (212) 932-0833; 2380 Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard (139th Street), (212) 234-2344. Dark red two-layer cake with decided chocolate overtones and a straightforward cream cheese icing, perhaps a classic. Slices $4. Whole cakes are available in six round or four square sizes ($40 to $255). Cupcakes are $2.75.

A majority of tasters also liked these:
BETTY BAKERY 448 Atlantic Avenue (Nevins Street), Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, (718) 237-2271. Deep red three-layer cake was not too sweet, with a touch of chocolate and rich icing that one taster found a little gritty. Slices $3.75; whole cakes are available in three sizes, from four inches ($12) to eight inches ($24); cupcakes $2.25. Larger cakes can also be ordered.
BILLY'S BAKERY 184 Ninth Avenue (21st Street), (212) 647-9956. Some tasters thought the three bright-red cake layers were bland, but all agreed that the butter cream was very good. Slices $4,50; whole nine-inch cake $44; cupcakes $2.25.
MAGNOLIA BAKERY 401 Bleecker Street (West 11th Street), (212) 462-2572. Stunning red cake with tender texture, a fleeting cocoa flavor and bright white icing. Slices $4.25; whole three-layer cakes are available in two sizes, six inches ($25) and nine inches ($45); cupcakes $2.50.
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  1. CAKE MAN RAVEN has THE best Red Velvet cake...I would travel miles for a slice!!