Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Leftover Hot Dog Challenge

It's always a challenge to use up leftover ingredients before heading out on vacation. I still have a few days left to go, but today I wanted to finish up some hot dogs (yes I know those things last forever, but still), cabbage, a green pepper and cooked rice.

My immediate thought was to cook fried rice, but there's a fine balance to be had here. Since hot dogs have a very distinctive flavor, it's a matter of figuring out how you get the dish to be fried rice with hot dogs as opposed to hot dogs with friend rice.

I must admit that the dish turned out fairly decent, or as decent as a dish can be that contains hot dogs. I ended up chopping up the dogs into small chunks, stir-frying it with the cabbage and green pepper and seasoning the mix with salt and freshly ground pepper. I plated that, fried up an egg and laid it on top. And finally the kicker, I fried up the rice with cumin seeds and cinnamon, ala an Indian rice dish that a friend showed me how to cook.

Not exactly stuff for a king, but it was good enough for me and it got rid of my damn hot dogs.

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