Wednesday, August 02, 2006

International exchange website

I received a friendly email telling me about the GimmeyourStuff website. Basically it's a website in which you can exchange food and other stuff with people in other countries.

I must admit that I can't foresee myself particpating because my plate is already pretty full these days, but it looks promising to peruse and learn about food from other cultures.

PS. The website reminded me of a particular dessert that my old Peruvian college roomate used to get in the mail on his birthday. It's called Turron de Dona Pepa (Sorry the recipe is in Spanish) and it's pretty damn good.

PPS. Actually, I was really pleasantly surprised by the breadth of Peruvian food in general. (Oh man, these photos make me hungry) I had incorrectly assumed that cultures with a strong emphasis on food were fairly well represented by restaurants in the US. But that's not the case with Peruvian food, which is too bad, because there's some really interesting and tasty dishes down there.

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